Cloud9 White win VCT Game Changers without dropping a map

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Cloud9 White C9

The first VALORANT Champions Tour Game Changers tournament is in the books and Cloud9 White have emerged the decisive victors. The team didn’t lose a single map throughout Game Changers and easily made their way through the upper bracket.  C9 White won two maps from CLG Red in the grand finals after starting with a map advantage to win the … Read More

How TenZ and Sentinels dominated to win first NA VALORANT Masters

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Sentinels VALORANT

The first stage of the VALORANT Champions Tour came to an end this weekend with teams being crowned champions around the world. If you didn’t tune in to watch the action happen live, we broke down Sentinels’ victorious run, named the most outstanding player of the tournament and put together a roundup of the lower bracket matches.  Sentinels crowned Masters … Read More

100 Thieves’ Hiko reflects on Sentinels loss, calls TenZ ‘amazing player’ and ‘valuable asset’

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Hiko 100 Thieves

In what many considered to be a marquee matchup, Sentinels sent 100 Thieves to the lower bracket after a 2-0 victory last weekend at VALORANT Masters.  Back in First Strike, the two teams clashed and 100 Thieves turned up as the victor, but things have changed drastically for both the First Strike champions and Sentinels since then. For any team … Read More

Here’s what happened at VALORANT Masters in Europe, Korea and Japan

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VALORANT Phoenix Jett

We already covered the first weekend of the North American VALORANT Champions Tour Masters, but that’s not the only region where Masters is taking place. There are VCT tournaments taking place all around the world!  Today, we thought we’d give other regions some love, so join us on this trip as we take a look at how Europe, Korea and … Read More

FaZe dominate, TenZ and Sentinels excel in first weekend of VALORANT Masters

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The first weekend of the VALORANT Champions Tour NA Masters was a sight to behold, with several thrilling matches. After the first four days of competition, here’s where the eight teams that competed stand when the tournament resumes Thursday: Winner’s final: FaZe Clan vs. Sentinels Elimination matches: Gen.G vs. 100 Thieves and Team Envy vs. Luminosity Gaming Eliminated teams: XSET … Read More

Will Atlanta FaZe run away with Call of Duty League championship this year?

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Atlanta FaZe

The first Call of Duty League Major of 2021 delivered its share of thrilling finishes, only to reach an anticlimactic conclusion — an inevitable Atlanta FaZe victory.  Through the first stage of the season, the 2020 runners-up have truly embodied the #EZAF hashtag that is often seen in their tweets. The only drama at the major, it seems, was seeing … Read More

How FaZe, 100T, LG and Gen.G qualified for NA VALORANT Masters

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VALORANT Challengers

The last Challengers weekend in the first stage of the NA VALORANT Champions Tour is over, and the last four teams have now locked in their spots in the upcoming Masters tournament.  Luminosity Gaming, FaZe Clan, Gen.G and 100 Thieves have all punched their tickets to the next phase of competition, which is operated by Nerd Street Gamers starting Thursday … Read More

Takeaways from NRG’s win over Rogue at the RLCS X Winter Major

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Rocket League

The two teams that faced off Sunday in the grand finals of RLCS Season X’s Winter Major are a study in contrasts. NRG ran through the winner’s bracket, while Rogue was nearly eliminated after the team’s first two games. NRG’s roster is made up of veterans, while Rogue’s features some of the most talented young players in Rocket League.  Despite … Read More