BlizzConline: Overwatch 2 updates

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Overwatch 2

The wait is over, and fans finally got more information after almost a year of no new info on Overwatch 2.  Although no mention of the game was made in the opening ceremony, fans got a 40-minute look at what was going on behind the scenes while Blizzard employees worked on Overwatch 2 from home.  Read more: BlizzConline: Diablo II … Read More

BlizzConline: Diablo II Resurrected, World of Warcraft updates and more

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Blizzconline 2021

BlizzConline kicked off Friday and the opening ceremony didn’t disappoint for Blizzard fans across many franchises.  Some of the big winners, like Diablo II Resurrected and World of Warcraft, had multiple games announced, expansion packs and more. Others, like Overwatch 2, didn’t get much of an update except for a behind-the-scenes look after the opening ceremony at what is going … Read More