Announcing the NSG & MadCity CSGO Open Circuit

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N3rd Street Gamers are partnering with MadCity to create a fully open CSGO circuit with $50,000 of prize money across: Philadelphia, Chicago, and Washington DC. With this partnership we seek to create the largest open CSGO in North America.


The first CSGO stop in the NSG Eastern Conference will be the MadCity CSGO Open Presented by Cougar Gaming will feature a $10,000 prize pool and will take place at The MegaCenter. The MadCity CSGO Open Presented by Cougar Gamingwill take place on March 9th – March 11th This event will serve as one of two CSGO majors leading up to the championship event in Washington DC.


Steele Celebrates a Win at Fragadelphia 10

Steel Celebrates a Win at Fragadelphia 10

The NSG Eastern Conference will provide players with the experience of competing on a real professional tour. In addition to prize money the tournaments in Philadelphia will provide players with a chance to win a travel stipend to the $25,000 grand finals in DC. Competitors will also have the chance to rank up on the NSG leaderboards, which will be used for seeding throughout the NSG Eastern Conference. In addition to our major events the NSG Eastern Conference, will include Academy events where players can further rank up on the leaderboards, earn cash prizes, and earn travel to the grand finals in DC. Additionally players will be able to gain experience playing in a LAN enviroment at the monthly CSGO Bootcamps held at LocalHost in Philadelphia, and Ignite in Chicago!

N3rd Street Gamers has strives to provide the best and most comprehensive experience for amatuer and semipro players seeking to make a name for themselves in the North American CSGO scene, and the announcement of our circuit brings us one step closer to our goal. We could not be more excited for 2018 so whether you’re rushing in or keeping it sneaky peaky like, ready up!


Ready to play? Head to our landing page for more info!