NSG Summer Championship – Press Release

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Philadelphia, PA – N3rd Street Gamers is proud to announce its largest esports production to date; N3rd Street Gamers Summer Championship, a 3 day, 4 game event series with more than $65,000 in cash prizes at Sun Center Studios just outside Philadelphia.

After 3 years of successfully produced events in their North Philly 2,200 square foot studio, NSG takes its home grown event series to the next level with a 3 day, 4 game event on Sun Center Studio’s private 33 acre lot just outside Philadelphia. The NSG Summer Championship experience will feature a 1,000 person main stage arena, 4 separate LAN areas, a virtual reality arcade, a movie theater, a food truck food court, private team lounges, and lounge areas for spectators to nest scattered throughout.  NSG has partnered with the Marriot at the Airport to provide lodging, fine dining, and fitness to spectators and players traveling in from all over the world.

The event combines CounterStrike, Starcraft, Hearthstone, and Rocket League tournaments with over $65,000 in cash prizes, representing Pennsylvania’s largest esport event to date and North America’s largest open entry esports tournament series. Streamed exclusively on Twitch, NSG Championship Series will provide 3 straight days of continuous content to its loyal fan base with memories that will last forever, or at least until next time.

The lineup is anchored by Fragadelphia XI, the eleventh installment of our home grown CS:GO Open Tournament, this time packing a $50,000 prize pot. With the return of Cheesadelphia, a Starcraft Open Tournament, and additions of Hearthstone and Rocket League events, N3rd Street Gamers plants the flag on the map for East Coast Esports.

The event is being produced by N3rd Street Gamers CEO Stephen Csikos empowered by our partners, Jarvus Innovations, Cougar Gaming, Matcherino, Sloth Esports, Challengeme.gg, and GG Gamer Supps.

Signup or find more information here – http://n3rdstreetgamers.com/nsg-championship/